What You Need to Know About Concrete Feeding Troughs

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Concrete feeding troughs are a precast concrete product that comes in two basic styles: concrete U-bunk and concrete J-bunk. Both give you the advantage of keeping feed up off the ground so that you can experience less waste and lower your operation costs. While it is not to say that your livestock won’t still pull some of the feed into the lot or field and trample it, there will be less loss than if you were to place it directly on the ground to begin with.

The advantage of going with concrete feeding troughs

U-bunk concrete feeding troughs can be placed in the middle of the lot or field to allow your livestock to feed from either side or even the ends. The advantage of going with concrete feeding troughs instead of other materials is that they’re less likely to be damaged or moved around. This is an important consideration for feeders that aren’t mounted to anything.

J-bunk concrete feeding troughs are designed to be placed along fence lines. The advantage of this type of precast concrete feeding system is that you can fill them over the fence rather than needing to go inside of the lot or field. Their open-end design lets you put them side by side to create as long of a row as you need to accommodate the number of livestock that you have.

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