Save Time with Precast Concrete Products

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Precast concrete products are pieces that have been preformed and cured, so they can be sold and put into immediate use. Precast concrete products offer many benefits, including:

  • High quality assurance– the precast items are inspected and held to high standards set by the casting company.

Save Time with Precast Concrete Products

  • Ensure consistency– having each item formed with a set mold will ensure they are all the same size and are uniform in appearance.
  • Will save you time– having these pieces readymade will save you time and energy when completing your project rather than having to make them yourself.
  • Will eliminate extraneous clutter at your job site.
  • Is very durable and long lasting, as it is held to high standards during concrete mixing and construction.
  • Looks nice and uniform, and looks more polished, no matter the job.

At Childers Concrete Company, we offer many precast concrete products for your convenience. Some of the products we offer are concrete livestock water troughs, livestock U-bunks, livestock J-bunks, parking stops, and bin blocks used to create concrete walls. Having these items available locally will keep your project running on time and with excellent results. We serve High Point, North Carolina and the surrounding areas and have been in business for over 70 years, which is a testament to our quality, experience, and knowledge. We also offer other concrete supplies you may need to assist in your installation of the precast concrete products we carry. We are a one-stop shop for all of your concrete supply needs and know we will have exactly what you need to keep things running smoothly on your job site. If you are looking for precast concrete products or other concrete supplies, reach out to us today! Our friendly team will make sure you have everything you need!