Is Concrete Driveway Sealer Necessary?

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Concrete driveway sealer products offer protection from ice salt damage and stains and can have matte or shiny finishes, just like paint. They’re applied onto new and cleaned (and dried) driveways with the roller and brush method or with sprayers. Applying concrete driveway sealer isn’t a complicated job, but is it really necessary?

Is Concrete Driveway Sealer Necessary?

Benefits of Using Concrete Driveway Sealer

The regular use of concrete driveway sealer can prevent cracks and potholes from forming, which can eliminate the need for repairs and having to install new driveways. This can save customers money. Those cracks and potholes can also damage tires and create slipping and tripping hazards.

The other big benefit of using concrete driveway sealer is the aesthetics. Good-looking driveways add to curb appeal and are nicer to come home to.

Using a Concrete Driveway Sealer

Penetrating sealers work well with concrete driveways because they create durable chemical barriers. This shields the concrete from moisture, discoloration, and oil. You’ll need to apply two coats of sealant each time, allowing the first one to dry before starting with the second. The driveway shouldn’t be used for 24 hours after the second coat.

Newly poured concrete driveways should not be sealed right after they’re installed. It’s best to wait six months (at the minimum) because the concrete has to cure and settle. After the concrete driveway sealer is applied the first time, seal it again every four to five years.

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