How is Precast Concrete Transported?

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Precast concrete is manufactured with molds in different locations from where it gets installed. This allows for better quality control and improved durability. And once it arrives at a site, it can be unloaded and installed right away. These pieces are quite heavy, at around 150 pounds per cubic foot; they can also be awkwardly shaped and difficult to maneuver.

How is Precast Concrete Transported?

How does precast concrete travel from suppliers to work areas?

Ensuring the Precast Concrete is Ready To Roll

Precast concrete is usually cured in environmentally controlled spaces and must be given enough time to solidify. Moving it too soon could cause it to crack. Equipment like embedded lifters, cables, hydraulic clamps, and forklifts is used to move precast concrete from place to place. It is vital to check the tonnage of embedded lifting inserts, the condition of the cables, and the sizes of the lift holes before proceeding. We have the proper hardware to prevent damage and ensure safe, timely delivery to our customers.

Using a Heavy Haul Truck

The precast concrete then gets moved from the manufacturing facility onto a heavy haul multi-axle or flatbed trailer truck, following best practices and safety protocols. Our experienced drivers will transport the precast concrete to your jobsite, where it will be removed from the truck and taken to the work area.

At Childers Concrete Company, our precast concrete product selection includes bin blocks, parking stops, J-bunks, U-bunks, and other options. We also pour precast concrete walls for our customers. Call us today for more information.