Advantages of Concrete Water Troughs

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produces precast concrete water troughsMost livestock left to their own devices will be quite happy with even the most unpalatable water sources. They’ll drink out of a muddy pond or even a puddle given the opportunity. While they aren’t fussy, as a cattleman or other livestock producer, you need to be concerned about heavy metals, debris, microbial loads, bacteria, toxins, and other contaminants. The best way to be sure your livestock has the clean water it needs to stay healthy and grow is to control where they drink. For that you need a concrete supplier that produces precast concrete water troughs.

Concrete water troughs are far superior to other options for providing water for your livestock. First of all, they are far more robust and are unlikely to be affected by even the strongest, most aggressive creature you have. Other types can be pushed around, damaged, and lose their shape, but you won’t have that problem with concrete water troughs that you’ve obtained from a concrete supplier. If you want to make one investment and have it last, this is the way to go.

Not only are concrete water troughs resistant to livestock damage, they also hold up extremely well against even severe weather conditions. Keeping your livestock safe is of vital concern, so having water troughs that could get thrust around in the wind could be problematic. Another benefit of a concrete water trough is that it keeps the water cooler longer than other materials. Your livestock may not be able to thank you for that, but they’ll likely enjoy it more.

If you would like to know more about concrete water troughs, reach out to us at Childers Concrete Company as the premier concrete supplier in the area. We offer a variety of precast concrete options, including both feed troughs and water troughs that are very stable and have been designed with livestock safety in mind.