Concrete Blocks, Kernersville, NC

Our concrete blocks come in many styles, sizes, and colors.

Also known as concrete masonry units, concrete blocks are frequently used to construct new buildings and structures. A core building material, concrete blocks come in multiple colors, styles, and sizes to complement the unique design requirements and structure of the building. Our concrete blocks at Childers Concrete Company boast consistency, quality, and sustainability and are manufactured using a proven mixture of sands, cements, and aggregates.

Concrete Blocks in Kernersville, North Carolina

With any construction project, having access to needed supplies in a timely manner is paramount to the success of your project. We will deliver your concrete blocks straight to your building site in Kernersville, North Carolina exactly when we say we will. Placing your order for concrete blocks is also easy, and we maintain short lead times to ensure you can keep your project’s timeline on track.

We have supplied concrete products, including concrete blocks, to our client base for over 70 years and have become a top choice among contractors for all types of concrete. Our goal is to become the preferred ready-mix concrete supplier in the country, and we know this starts by providing great service and the best products to each individual customer.

Your order for concrete blocks will be fulfilled and managed with complete excellence to ensure the overall success of your project. To place an order, receive a quote, or find out more about our selection of concrete blocks, reach out to us today.